FreePBX 15=>16 Unsupported modules

I tried last weekend to upgrade 15 to 16 and hit a brick wall. From what I can see, it may have something to do with some ClearlyIP modules we had installed a few years ago and have since removed.
It is telling me that “framework” “ucp” & “versionupgrade” are not supported. I have seen two threads with the same issue, but cannot find any real solution… Is there any way to get these back under Sangomas control?

Have you checked the mirror servers you are using? If they are still set to ClearlyIP you might want to change back to the FreePBX mirrors. If the CIP modules are removed that’s the only other thing I could think of. Also check that all modules etc are up to date.

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Richard. The system was pointing to Clearly mirror servers. Got that switched back to FreePBX now, so I’ll attempt another update this weekend

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