FreePBX - how to enable SIP Simple for presence status

how can i enable SIP SIMPLE for presence? If I use a third party softphone, the presence status does not work. Only the BLF works.
Thank you


Presence State - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

FreePBX sets it up so the hint for an extension covers the CustomPresence device and its states. If you’re going to want a standalone presence state for the users to be monitor (separate of their device states) you’ll need to make hints for it in a custom dialplan context.

As the document is going to point out, there is no automation for this. Being on a call will not set the Presence state to BUSY, etc. All presence states must be manually updated in the system. The UCP should allow for this.

Thanks for the reply.
I am trying to configure Zoiper, but changing the status from the status bar, this is not shown to other users. Only available is shown
Thank you

There is no support within Asterisk for allowing presence to be set using SIP PUBLISH.

On top of that, SIP PUBLISH is not used in the FreePBX implementation of Asterisk by default. Or wasn’t a couple years ago at least. You can see the message hit with sngrep but there is nothing setup to use it.

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