FreePBX 14?

Hello !

I just upgrade my PBX 13 to 14 successfully but is it normal that there is so many features missing?

I wanted to buy the CRM module => Can’t find it anywhere
I wanted to reconfigure my WebRTC => The UCP module missing.

Should i go back for FreePBX 13??

NVM ! is that because i use an Ubuntu OS.

Yum install obvisouly fail.
I have to install “yum install icu libicu-devel”

Do someone know the package for Ubuntu?


I believe on 14+ you need to be running SNG7 OS. Many of the modules will not work out of the box otherwise. No commercial modules are supported out of SNG7 on 14.

That’s been the case since the introduction of the distro. Commercial modules are supported on the distro.

fwconsole downloadinstall ucp --edge

Is supposed to fix that, the current one doesn’t take account of non RedHat systems

For me apart from ucp all non commercial modules for 14 and 15 run fine ootb on Debian 9 and 10

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