FreePBX 14 User Manager -- Add New User

I’ve installed FP 14 but can’t see how to add a new user from the User Manager Module???

There is no button to add a user…

Am I missing something?

Read the wiki :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response Andrew… and all your efforts of the years, FPBX has come a long way… I still have a system running on AMP 1.0.

I must have missed the link showing the ‘drop down’, and never thought to click there. Sorry and thanks again.

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I can’t find it. I am in User Manager, and go to Directories. The only “add” button there is to add a new directory. And the only dropdown is the column chooser. I’ve looked through here, but can’t find the answer. Too bad there isn’t just a good old “Add User” button at the top of the Users List.

I want to add a user without adding an extension.

Taken directly from the link you provided:

Ah, I see now. I didn’t realize the dropdown was for selecting a directory.