FreePBX 14 UCP Chat shows "offline"

Testing out the FreePBX 14 release and when attempting to use the chat functionality in UCP it shows “offline”. I’ve double checked the user management section and ensured I have access to chat, but no luck. I’m sure I’m missing something somewhere.

is xmpp started?

Yes, per the dashboard.

running the command: fwconsole pm2 --list

that yields nothing. I would imaging those processes should be listed.

Unsure how the dashboard would say it’s running but --list wouldn’t. It’s the same data.

I agree. Scratching my head. Anything else I can check that would help? This is not my production system so I’m more than happy to wait on the final release, but wanted to try to replicate our use of FreePBX on the RC and work through any questions we had. Reload times are smokin fast.

fwconsole stop xmpp

Is it running in dashboard?

Here are some screenshots reflecting the dashboard and command line.
First - Dashboard reflects the service is running:

Second - Stop xmpp service per the fwconsole stop xmpp command

Third - restarted service

Oh. I just realized this is a 14 system. PM2 is only supported on FreePBX 13 at this time. That is what your --list command won’t show anything.

Ok, so I can rule that out as any sort of symptom at this point. Still baffled by the xmpp service showing offline. Probably jump into the logs and see what sort of story they tell.