Freepbx 14 trunk settings from older freepbx


I am migrating from elastix to freepbx 14. Doing it manually.

I cannot figure out how to enter the settings in freepbx 14.
I have marked the settings with “*” which I do not know where to enter.

Screenshot are attached. Unfortunately I can only attach one screen shot now because I am a new user.

My current settings are,


And register like
***[email protected]:password:[email protected]:5060/myphonenumber

Your old settings were for the older sip channel driver, chansip. Your are using the new pjsip driver, for which the settings are quite different and would somewhat be different for each provider as well.
E.g. the concept of type=friend, peer, etc., is no longer present in pjsip.

What is your voice service provider?
Here is a thread that might be useful:

Thank you very much for the reply.

It is very useful information. I did not think of that. Let me do more research on pjsip settings.
VOIP service provider is
The link to the other thread is also very useful.

Once again thank you very much for the help. Saved me much time and stress.