Freepbx 14 to 15 upgrade tool

Hi , i am trying to upgrade to Freepbx 15 but i am getting the following error

freepbx php fatal error call to a member function writein() on string in /var/www/html/admin/modules/framework/install.php on line 38

Use the command line. Let me find the post we discussed this in.

i am trying to upgrade through the cli but still getting the same message

Read this thread. I posted my full process.

If you are getting into that condition block then you must be on an invalid version of Asterisk.

i think something has gone really bad !!!
DO YOU THINK is crashed ?

Any idea ??

Any module admin command should use the

fwconsole ma <args>


fwconsole moduleadmin <args>

So in yours case,

fwconsole ma install userman


fwconsole ma downloadinstall userman --force

Anywoo, I hope you have a backup in case you don’t see a way out of this.

I would try running again the upgrade command.

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As mentioned…

Which is exactly what the error told you to do, but you did not.

i ve also tried this…

How long since you have ever run module updates successfully?

Most likely you need to run this to fix your system

fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO

Why in the world would you ever try and run a major version upgrade without first having your modules up to date for the current version?

i had run fwconsole ma upgradeall before the versionupgrade.

it is not the first time doing this, but today something broke

Now the only solution is to reinstall FreePBX with a USB right ?

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