FreePBX 14 RC stalls at item 570 on install

I am trying to do an install of FPBX in a VMWare machine.and Asterisk 14 stalls when it gets to installing item 570 of 646 objects. Any suggestions?

Which item is that. They all have descriptions.

I did not see a description of the item. I am rerunning the install now and will take a screen shot when it stalls. Takes a little while to get there.

One question, does it make a difference if I was putting in the Root Password during the time of the install?

Here is the screen shot where the install always stops:

Maybe you are not waiting long enough?
It stays there for a while, but then it continues further.

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It’s not stopped. That just takes a while.

Might you define ‘awhile’. The last time I left it for 4 1/2 hours (actually forgot it was running. Same thing. If it is really running, you NEED some sort of feed back if it is going to take more than an hour.

How long should it take to install 570 (freepbx) relative to the rest of the install? I understand my mileage will vary depending on hardware, but a rough idea how long I would need to wait to see if FPBX 14 does install.

I will re-try the install today, and leave it running as long as I can… See what happens.