Freepbx 14 -> Provisioning Protocols on hosted PBX

Hi, I use the latest distro in a VM hosted on a public cloud. I need to do some provisionning with EPM and Yealink phones.

Wich is the most secured protocol to do that considering that all phones will be at différent locations so I can’t have all the public IP in trusted interfaces (firewall). It must be open on public internet.


I would say HTTPS with authentication, provided your phones support it.

Thanks. The https protocol can also manage firmware upgrade ?

Yes, it can.

Actually, the answer here is that it depends on the model and firmware of your Yealink phones as well as the type of SSL certificate you are using.

The Let’s Encrypt certificate process in FreePBX 14 does not work with older model of Yealink phones at all, and newer models require firmware 84 (possibly the last 83, I cannot recall that clearly).

Either way, the Yealink firmware in EPM is way older than that. You will have to setup custom firmware 0.00

The 1.17 Yealink firmware for EPM is ancient. X.81.0.70 was released March 14, 2017, so not totally ancient but nearly two years old, and there are 6 newer versions for the T42G. The last, X.83.0.50, being released September 10, 2018.

Good Explanation, thank you. Does it support https with authentification ? Where can I provide the username and password for the phone side ? In Yealink RPS service ? I don’t want to open the box for each phone to provide the username / password.

The phones totally support username and password. With or without HTTPS.

I have no idea what the RPS supports as I do not have access to it. When I first asked for access they wante dto know my vendor puchasing relationships. I’m a non reseller consultant and I don’t have that so they refused to setup RPS for me. I believe they have changed that, but I haven’t dealt with it yet.

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