FreePBX 14 iLBC Codec one way audio problem after modules update


Hi friends,
Recently I updated my FreePBX 14 via “Module Admin” and after that I encountered one way audio problem with iLBC Codec but other Codecs are ok!
For more testing I installed new fresh SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1707-1 (FreePBX 14 + Asterisk 13) and create a Chan_SIP extension and test it in local area network but the same issue!
It seems there is some problem with the latest FreePBX 14 modules updates.
Is there anybody else confirming this problem?
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Any updates regarding this issue?

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You are unlikely to find broad knowledge here on the use of the iLBC codec, you might have better luck in the Asterisk forum.


I just need someone else test and confirm this issue.

(Lets Design ) #5

I think the problem not from the latest update, because I have a fresh FreePBX 14 server, and I have the same problem when I enabled iLBC codec, If both endpoints are using iLB .
did you find any solution for that?


You’ll have better success with OPUS, which is the successor to iLBC. What endpoints do you have that requires you use iLBC?

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actually we use iLBC on mobile endpoint with 3G network , so sometimes they will have a poor network as I understand iLBC is the best choice for slow network , I don’t know maybe I am wrong ?


Have a look at the Opus information:

I think it would work well for your 3G application, and be better supported, though of course you should test it for yourself.

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I will test it out, Thanks.


On my tests using FreePBX 14 with Astrerisk 13.22 and chan_sip, iLBC has one way audio issues too, due to a mismatch in the negotiation between endpoints for the codec’s rate