Freepbx 14 HTTP provision with username / Password pop up on phone

I Have two PBX’s both on freepbx 14. I am provision phones using Http which is enabled in sysadmin. I am using the following method:

http://username:[email protected]:84

Works fine on plenty of other systems, but the new deployments are all popping up on the phones asking to enter credentials. Has something changed?

The phone does not find a file with its MAC in /tftpboot to it goes to the default template which allows to login with the user/pass

it works fine when I turn off the authentication. So obviously endpoint knows the MAC

How did you setup the phone to get the provisioning string? (Portal or Option 66) and what string did you enter there?

I manually type it into the phone. http://ipaddress:84 then enter the username and password given by sysadmin. Phone pops up with username and password

Can you post a picture?

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