FreePBX 14 Backups

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I have a backup plan, that I set up from FreePBX using Admin–>Backup & Restore. I dragged the FULL backup option over IE:

However I noticed, or it seemed like some stuff was missing, IE System Audio and Voice mail. So I drug those two in and ended up with 13 items for backup instead of 9. IE:

So in my estimation, a full backup, IS NOT really a full backup until you add System Audio and Voicemail, is this correct? It seems to be. And if so, I will be adding that to my backup plan.


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The Full Backup template does not include any voicemails, custom music on hold, or system prompt recordings. If you want these to be included, drag the “System Audio” and “Voicemail Templates” from the Templates bin to the Items bin.

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