FreePBX 14.04.5: how to enable sip SIMPLE message

Go to “Asterisk SIP setting” , only find " other sip setting" in chan SIP setting and add below two lines


but still doesn’t work on all pjsip extensions all my extensions are pjsip, but didn’t find " other sip setting" in pjsip setting. Freepbx doesn’t support sip messaging for pjsip?

These won’t work because they are Chan_SIP settings. PJSIP automatically accepts out of call messages and will use the same context as context=

You can use the pjsip.endpoint_post.conf and do (if 100 is the endpoint)
> [100] (+)
> message_context = context

That will let you send the messages to a specific context.

Didn’t find pjsip.endpoint_post.conf , do you mean pjsip.endpoint_custom_post.conf?, tried as you mentioned, but doesn’t work.

Yeah that seems to be a limitation on how FreePBX lets you manage existing PJSIP extensions. That sucks.

Well you’re going to have to drop your context in [from-internal-custom] so that you can use it. Again, unlike Chan_SIP, PJSIP automatically accepts the messages. It will send them through the same context as calls.

Since you can’t add this as a template for existing extensions, you’ll need to add it to the call context.

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