FreePBX 13 with Asterisk 16


Is it possible to install Asterisk 16 on FreePBX 13?

When running asterisk-version-switch I’m getting:

Pick the Asterisk Version you would like to change to.
        Press 1 and the Enter key for Asterisk 11
        Press 2 and the Enter key for Asterisk 13
        Press 3 and the Enter key for Asterisk 14 (Currently in beta)
        Press 9 and the Enter key to exit and not change your Asterisk Version

Trying to install sangoma-devel

[[email protected] ~]# yum install sangoma-devel
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, kmod
Setting up Install Process
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
No package sangoma-devel available.
Error: Nothing to do
[[email protected] ~]#

I’m stuck on HyperV can’t update to FreePBX 14 now

Any help appreciated


No native support on the 10.13 distro.

Nope. It’s been over a year. It’s not hitting 13. Don’t forget, 13/Distro 6 is EOL.

Technically not EOL until there’s HA support in a newer distro version

Is HA really not available in current distros?

FreePBX 13 isn’t EOL. Distro 6 is EOL. There haven’t been any real system/OS level updates to Distro 6 in over a year.

I mean it’s been four and a half years and two major version releases. Still no HA fixes and it doesn’t seem they are anywhere close to them even working on it. There is also the facts of more and more people aren’t doing physical systems, they’re doing VMs and many VM hosts offer HA options for their guest OS systems. And the fact that the module, itself, may not have been a big seller and thus the only people on it right now are the only people a fix is going to be good for.

There are just options out there now there make this product a bit obsolete or a non-requirement. If it takes them another year or two to push it out by then there could even be more options/solutions.

Serious question though, how long are you HA’s users going to sit on old hardware and software that barely gets touched? Like I said it’s been 4 1/2 years already. Is the mark 5, 6, 8 years?

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That’s pretty situationally dependent dont you think…? I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to judge someone’s environment without all the background knowledge.


I’m not a (FreePBX module) HA user, however, we’re HyperV fans. so the main reason why not all of our VMs are updated yet, is simply because you can’t upgrade to SNG7 on HyperV. The conversion tool is great, but so much things are breaking while migrating and there’s a lot of stuff that are not being copied over.
Additionally, not all hosts have space for an additional VM at the moment.

I’m waiting for FreePBX 15 to become stable, and then I’ll try to do a backup restore from a 13 machine.

While I understand that the issue with upgrading on HyperV is not Sangoma related, there’s still a ton of HyperV FreePBX users who don’t have a proper way how to upgrade as of now.

I didn’t judge anything. I asked a serious question. HA requires you to be on FreePBX 13 because two years ago when FreePBX 14 was released, they said no HA support yet. Then another two years FreePBX 15 is released. Still no HA support.

So again, a serious question. How long will this single module that lost support 4 1/2 years ago drive their need to sit on EOL and out dated hardware/software? That’s a viable business question.

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