Freepbx 13 w/asterisk 13 Valet Parking or Multi Tenant Parking

All I’m trying to do is be able to transfer a call to a specific parking extension and then dial that extension and pick it up from a different phone. That’s it. For example, call comes in, I answer it, press transfer, press 71 (first extension in my lot) and it gets parked there, providing there’s not already a call there. Then on a different phone I simply press a blf key assigned to 71 and it picks up the call. I’ve tried a guide I found on here from 2014, but it may be too old and it didn’t work the way I need it to.

If any of you fpbx guru’s can help me get this working, I’d greatly appreciate it. And there may be several ways to make it work, I’m looking for the easiest and/or best practice.

What I’m running:
Fpbx 13.x
Asterisk 13.15.x
Polycom vvx400 phones configured with epm
4 digit extensions

You want the paid module, Park Pro

Well that’s the obvious choice, but maybe a bit overkill for what I’m trying to do. Anyone else besides Sangoma Sales got any suggestions lol? I don’t really need multiple parking lots, I just need to be able to transfer a call to a specific park extension & it actually park the call there, instead of saying there’s no call currently parked there.

This already works. Exactly like you described.

Andrew, no it doesn’t. What happens is: I receive an incoming call, press transfer & then dial 71 (or any other extension in the parking lot slot range, besides the parking lot extension 70), then I get a message that says there’s currently no calls parked on this extension.

How do I change that behavior so I can transfer directly to a parking slot, not the parking lot extension, but a slot? Instead of getting that message when I transfer to the parking slot. Am I supposed to be using a feature code or something?

In my case:
parking lot ext: 70
parking slot range 71-78

I think I may have just figured it out. I haven’t tried it yet, but I just read something & it looks like you can dial *2, then the slot number you’d like to park the call on. Can you confirm this is how you do it Andrew?

If this is how it works in the free parking module, in the park pro module can I dial straight to the slot extension to park/retrieve the call without the *2? If so, I can see some value in that for simplicity to the end user. I don’t really want to tell my clients they have to dial *2 + the slot number to park a call. I’d rather have a speed dial key on the phone so they can use it to transfer to & pickup from a parking slot with one button press.

Transfer, ## and *2 all work similarly. It really depends on your phone how the transfer button works and there’s not a lot FreePBX can do.

In the end they will most-likely have to dial *2 or ## for this particular phone model.

So why don’t you make a “speed dial” for this? Or a BLF. You don’t have to use the transfer button…

Ok, so you’re saying with an active call, instead of transfer I would simply press the speed-dial key? which would be programmed to: *271 for example to transfer to slot 71? Will that same speed dial key work to pick up the call in slot 71? I only have 2 free keys, which I planned on using for park slot 1 & park slot 2 (in this case, ext 71 & 72). I don’t want to have to burn 2 blf keys, one to park it & one to pick it out of park.

All of your questions are phone dependent, instead of asking these questions you should just try it yourself.

Some of my systems work that way,
I think it has something to do when the phone itself.

On Mitel/Aastra 6867 I had to use a button I label Park IT (Speed Dial 70) and then I have DSS 71 - DSS 75 buttons programmed. When I park IT the DSS button 71 lights up and the caller is on hold.

On Sangoma S500 I just installed you can just press the DSS button 71 while talking to someone to park the call in Parking spot 71.

It should work the way you explained in the beginning.

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Direct Parking works on Yealink phones. Not sure the difference. Define parking.
Buttons on yealink defined as callpark buttons.

Ok, I’ll be on site at the clients office tomorrow and will play around with it. In Endpoint manager, my choices for keys on the Polycom vvx400 are only: line, blf, blf-xfer or speedial.

Not sure which one I should choose to create a park key. I’ve been using blf, with the value as 71, that lights up when a call is parked there, but doesn’t let me transfer to there. I have not tried direct park yet, I’ll try that tomorrow when I’m on site.

Try a BLF with 70 as the destination. It seems to me that the hint for 70 includes all of the slots.

Ok, thanks to all of you for your help. Programming a blf to *271 parks the call in lot 71, but when the same blf is pressed, it does not retrieve it. so it seems like you either have to burn to speed dials, one to park it there & one to pull it out of park to get it to work.

I ended up just getting the Park Pro module and now I can just create a separate parking lot for each client.

Only works if the DSS transfer type is set to blind transfer. If it’s set to attendant transfer you’re greeted with a message saying there’s no call parked.