FreePBX 13 under Firewall

Hi guys,
I’ve installed the FreePBX on a VM
I opened all the ports needed in my firewall, and I still can’t register a phone(SPA504g) or a softphone(3CX)…
I have a Sonicwall, and this is the list of forwarded ports:

TCP 1720 1720
UDP 1718 1718
UDP 1719 1719
TCP 2428 2428
UDP 2427 2427
UDP 5060 5061
TCP 2000 2000
TCP 1503 1503
TCP 30000 30039
UDP 1719 1720
UDP 50000 50001
TCP 5060 5060
UDP 30000 30039

Thanks for the help…

There are always two parts… the forwarding and then the rule(s) that “allow” the traffic. I’ll bet you are missing the “allow” part.

I set it up with the “Wizard”, so the NAT is good.
And I see there is traffic going there…
I tested it with a Conference calling device (AVer) and the ports are fine…
I’m in an internal network, does FreePBX have an internal NAT settings?

Thanks for the reply