FreePBX 13: Unable to reload through GUI: Asterisk running as root (PiAF)

For the record @gforceco, you’re running Asterisk 12 which is no longer supported. In evaluating the dangers of various distros, you probably should consider the source of the advice and who acknowledged a root exploit of the FreePBX Distro just three short weeks ago. Then ask yourself how that could happen if the FreePBX Distro weren’t running with root user privileges. The difference is that the FreePBX Firewall not only didn’t protect FreePBX, but it was the actual cause of the root compromise. In contrast, the firewall available for PIAF and Incredible PBX runs INDEPENDENTLY of Apache and its web GUI which is generally a good idea when it comes to firewalls. Otherwise, the whole house of cards comes down (as it did) when any single piece fails.