Freepbx 13 to 14 Upgrade - System Upgrade Kernel ignored on reboot

I have a CentOS 6.4 x64, FreePBX 13 (10.13.66-22) installation on a Digital Ocean Virtual Machine which has been running well for years.

I attempted the 13 to 14 upgrade, however upon the first reboot after running the script, it never boots to the new distro installer, it just reboots back in to the old distro.

I am assuming that is because CentOS 6.4 does not support Grub2, is that correct?

Is there any way to manually adjust Grub1 to boot to the “System Upgrade (redhat-upgrade-tool)” option?

At a guess, this is not something you’re going to be able to fix. I suspect that Digital Ocean aren’t using real Virtual Machines, and are instead using Containers. This means you wont’ be able to upgrade it.

You’ll have to use the FreePBX Conversion tool to migrate to a new system. That’s probably the only way to make this work. Sorry.

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