FreePBX 13 to 14 migration

I wanted to know if there is a (relatively) low risk migration guide. My FreePBX 13 is running on a VM on ESXi so i do have the ability to create a new VM, install everything from scratch but what I need guidance with is how to move all extensions from 13 to 14. I also plan to move the ext’s from SIP to PJSIP. Does anyone have any experience of taking backups from 13 and restoring them on 14?

a little background
I am a non-technical but quick learner when it comes to tech. I can understand/run scripts (but can’t write them). I run a company and also in charge of the sales team and always want to have the tech side up to date. I wan’t to move to have a more stable environment which i believe PJSIP will help me in. If you believe that moving to 14 or PJSIP is a bad idea, i’m open to suggestions/criticism.

Thank you!

A FreePBX 13 backup cannot be restored on FreePBX 14. I upgraded a VM from 13 to 14 with no real problems. There is a guide here: