FreePBX 13 not keeping SIP Secret on old extension

I just upgraded my server to FreePBX 13 and when I made a change to an existing and the SIP secret wasn’t there and when I try to enter a new SIP secret after I click submit it disappears again.
All my other extensions have the SIP secret.

How do I fix this please?


When I try to save the SIP secret I get a error message saying symlink(): File Exists.

How do I fix this issue

Could you possibly find the file it is trying to write to and remove or rename it? If the file exists. get rid of it.

You will have to get into the console to do this

How do I find it in the FreePBX GUI or somewhere else.

BTW I made a change to another existing extension and the same thing happened so I see that if you bring existing extensions over from FreePBX 12 to FreePBX 13 it kills SIP Secret.

When you say console what do mean by console and how do I know what file to look for?

Thank you for your help!!!

I do not not know how to find the file it is writing to.

You do get into the linux console and the asterisk CLI don’t you? I am not so good at it with only about a month of experience.

find / -name “filename” in linux command line interface will find all files on the drive named filename

I have not had to use the asterisk CLI (command line interface) interface very much. But I really want to learn more about the godzillion commands and tweaks there are in linux.

I found it essential to learn some linux and asterisk commands to be able to work a system

The GUI does not do it all. Hope I am not being to dumb for you I am a newbie