Freepbx 13:newbie with a sangoma usb

after trawling google I can’t find a guide to getting started with the sangoma usb in freepbx 13. In the GUI I went to Dahdi Config and I see type- FXO ports but it’s just dots under ports and I’m scatching my head as to where a newbie starts to get the usb working. I found this wiki:
but it justs list default settings. I also went to connectivity/trunks and hunted there but couldn’t see how to connect freepbx to the sangoma usb. In a termal I can lsusb and I see:
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 10c4:8461 Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. Sangoma U100
so that’s something. Thanks for any help.

That device is not supported. It stopped be supported in DAHDI 2.5

WHAT?? not supported? I’ve just spent £125 on this usb device to connect my landline to freepbx. Is there no way round this?

Sorry to hear that. That device stopped being supported after DAHDI 2.5. You could attempt to downgrade DAHDI but good chance it will break your box completely.

ok thankyou for your advice tony, is there an FXO usb device that works with freepbx 13?

None that I know of. If you can’t use a PCI or PCI Express I recommend going to a Gateway then.

I haven;t heard of such a device, can you elaborate on what you mean by a gateway? thanks for your help btw.

A gateway is an external device with ports to interface with traditional PSTN services, and connects to your PBX using a SIP trunk. Depending on how many FXO ports you need, you may want to investigate the consumer devices by Obihai or Linksys, or professional devices like Sangoma offers.

ok thanks for explaining that lorne. I only need one fxo port so I’ll check out what’s around.