FreePBX 13 manually installed Activation

HI all,

I have installed FreePBX 13 manually on AWS but could not able to activate it.

Is there any way to activate manually on AWS.


Commercial modules (which include System Admin, required for activation) are only supported on the FreePBX distro. If your instance is based on RHEL/Centos 6.6, you might be able to get it to install using instructions here:

HEY If I am using centos 7 then it means I will not be able to activate the PBX.

And If I don’t update the PBX what I lose?

Your information is outdated: This page FreePBX Commercial Modules states otherwise:

"The following modules are not Open Source GPL and are only designed to work with CentOS or RHEL systems. The FreePBX Distro is already preconfigured to work with these modules. For custom installations please see "

For CentOS 7, you might be able to get it working, but you need the Repos for CentOS 7 which FreePBX 14 uses.

I believe commercial modules will NOT work on a stock CentOS 7 install. For that matter parts of FreePBX will not either. Because I believe stock build uses PHP 7 which is NOT supported.

If you follow through the wiki instructions for 14 on EL7 it should work fine.

Remember “unsupported” is not the same as “won’t work”. It means if you followed some half cocked and fragmented instructions from a random blog that is causing you issues we likely will be unable to reproduce your issue. If we can’t reproduce an issue we can’t fix it. If we had to go through and fix every machine broken by bad information we wouldn’t have time to make new software so If you are clever enough to do your own builds it is imperative that you be clever enough to deal with any resulting issues.