Freepbx 13 interface is so different! Issue with registering x-light

I have no idea why digium keeps changing the interface. Anyway, I have one softphone a xlite that needs to be registered against the freepbx.

I created a extension call it 205 in Applications > Extensions. I created a Chan_sip option and set up the extension as 205 password xxx and rest as 205.

Did the update but xlite still not registering!

BTW, what is PJsip VS Chan_sip? ohh I used to use the command line. What was the command to show the phones registered?

not sure how helpful this will be. This is all confusing to me too. I used to use SIP now I have to use PJsip. No idea why I have to change but I do. Once I switched to PJsip I have to use
pjsip show endpoints
to show my that my phones are registered.

I did a export of my extensions from an older FreePBX system. I imported them, change all of the connection types to PJSip and now my phones register correctly.


forget pjsip, just use chan sip. in the advanced settings you can turn off pjsip. just remember to check the port setting in the sip settings and adjust if necessary