FreePBX 13 fresh install no Video on PJSIP


Has anyone managed to make video to work on PJSIP extensions on FreePBX 13?

Yes. I don’t have a suitable install to check the exact settings right now, but FreePBX 13 with pjsip certainly will do video calls. Check to see that you have a suitable codec enabled in the settings.
Again, not sure where, but it’s not hard to find.
The phones you are using may have codec limitations too, so make sure the codec you choose matches one that the handset uses.


We are using X-Lite and Zoiper both of the have H263p and tried between zoipers using VP8 , neither of them works. On FreePBX 13 I can’t see where to enable / disable video codecs in pjsip (i do see them for chan_sip settings).

I can see INVITE packets being sent where the phone attempting to initiate the video call sends the video port (e.g. 12386) and asterisk replies saying OK but with 0 as video port.

That is why I was asking if someone has it working on FreePBX 13. This is our 3rd FreePBX (1xFreePBX12 and 2xFreePbx13) and haven’t seen it working in either of the 3 installs.

Ah, that rings a bell.
There’s an open ticket for this,
In order to get it working for now, add the h263 codec on a per extension level. In the ‘allow’ field for each extension, add the codecs you want to use, so perhaps h263&alaw

That should get it working.

Thanks, that was what i needed - but i had to ALSO include all the default codecs as just adding the video ones stoped audio only working.