Freepbx-13 & fail2ban: busted out of the box?

I have a new install of freepbx from the freepbx distro FreePBX-32bit-10.13.66.iso and fail2ban [pbx-gui] doesn’t work
rpm -q fail2ban
I have itpables and fail2ban running, the [sshd] jail works because I tested it and got banned but I can do failed gui logins until the cows come home and fail2ban just sits there doing nothing. Is this a bug that can be fixed?

Use the integrated firewall (it’s fantastic) and fail2ban will work like a charm. It never worked properly for me when I was using my own iptables.

Note that there have been a few issues with the integrated firewall not catching some common break-in attempts. If you find someone knocking on your front door repeatedly, submit a ticket and let people know. Recent issues have included failed login attempts to the GUI and some SSH interaction.

thanks however how does one actually GET the firewall and install it in the first place?.There’s no firewall module in the module admin page. After trawling google I see loads of pages on how to configure it, where the module normally is, this and that but nothing about how to install it on freepbx in the first place.

ps: I also get the impression fail2ban is actually busted-out-of-the-box but no-one seems to want to address this…

Since the integrated firewall in FreePBX 13 and later uses fail2ban and lots of us know for a fact that it does work, I assumed you were using hyperbole to try to make a point.

Are you trying to use RASPBX, by any chance?

no not using RASPBX, just an ordinary pc tower. I’m still finding my way (not very well) regarding the firewall, first there was no firewall in my freepbx but I found how to install the module but then in the menus it’s nowhere to be seen. The docs on google don’t match up with what I have.