FreePBX 13 EPM - Polycom Phone wont pickup config

I am starting with a fresh install of the FPBX 13 Distro and purchased the EPM module.

I am trying to get my test phone to grab the config, but it never does. I first tried FTP as that’s what we used on our old non-distro install. That didnt work so I set the phone to use TFTP and that doesnt as well.

I tried manually using FTP and TFTP to server, FTP would let me login but trying to get the .cfg file results in a message that says “ftp: connect: Connection refused”

Using TFTP I can get the mac file all the time, but the -.cfg fails sometimes because of a timeout.

Using Polycom IP430 phone which i know is technically not supported but the config files as written look good, I think this is an ftpd or tftpd configuration issue.