Freepbx 13 End of Life Distro

We are still migrating users form Freepbx 13 to 14. Is 13 still supported? It seems like it still gets updates. We use hyperV and the migration is a pain. I just read that Freepbx 15 will allow restores from 13 which will make our lives much easier but I am not sure when that will release. Any advice?

Do not confuse Module updates with System updates. FreePBX 13, as far as I know, is still supported. Distro 6, which is what installs the OS, etc. that is no longer supported. So system based updates/fixes are not being done. It still gets Asterisk 13 updates that’s really about it that I’ve seen.

If you’re running VMs and the upgrade process is a pain or doesn’t work right because it’s HyperV then just create new VMs that are 14 and use the online conversion tool to move 13 to 14.

They are just VMs.

The online conversion tool doesn’t migrate everything. I actually wrote up a post on how to do this. Thanks for the info

No, you’re right it doesn’t move everything. It doesn’t move any custom stuff and unfortunately that means stuff like the System Recordings since those fall into a custom (literally named that) directory.

However, in the grand scheme of things gzip’ing a few custom directory files up and moving them over is pretty easy. I’ve been migrating 2.8 systems that are going on new hardware or to VMs with the update, it’s the exact same thing.

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