FreePBX 13 - Custom Destinations

I am hoping someone can assist me here.

In FreePBX Custom Destinations data use to come from SQL under asterisk.custom_destinations. However, it appears it no longer does this.

Does anyone know where the custom destination entries are stored? I looked through all of the asterisk table and can’t find it anywhere.

I am wanting to script an install program I have and need to create a custom destination.


My guess is that Custom Destinations is not stored anywhere until you write to it. As noted in the help files this is for advanced users only. I do see the module installed on both Free pbx 11 and 12 but cant find the config anywhere in /etc/asterisk.
But I would guess again that if the module is not installed
obviously you wont be able to drop down on the menu to select with in free pbx. However if you are skilled enough you could always include the file in Misc destinations or the appropriate directory to call the config leading to the script

But after all that nonsense i am curious to what kind of script your using and would like to learn this with you

Take for example disa.conf will not appear unless you create example_disa with in the disa module

In 13 it uses the kv store.

Oh my! :frowning: Ok. This doesn’t look fun :frowning: I miss SQL :smiley: LOL…

So, I don’t quite understand how this works and how I would code it in a bash script :(…

Maybe someone can assist me in giving me an example?

Here’s what I want…

I want to create via bash script a Custom Destination:
Target: my-custom-dest
Description: my-description
Return: No

I use custom destination as follows:

Target: my-custom-dest,s,1
Description: my-description
Return: No

In Dial Plan for example:



exten => s,1,Progress()
same => n,Playback(my-custom-audio]
same => n,…

We recommend NOT using Bash to interact with FreePBX.

The problem is exactly what you are running in to. Something changes and it blows things up.


It is recommended to use native functions/methods to accomplish your tasks. Then if a table or column changes then you do not need to change any code.

Hello all,

Does anybody know how to add a Custom Destination via Bootstrap?