Freepbx 13, CID via cisco trunk suggestions

Dear Freepbx community, I am not an expert in freepbx therefore i am looking for some advice to point me in the right direction, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am Running Freepbx 13 and i have 2 trunks, one with our local office running cisco cme and the second one is our telecommunications provider sip trunk service.

My problem is when i set a followme on my freepbx to an external city number, Freepbx forwards the user extension from cisco cme which for example is 200 via external trunk.

This is clearly not a problem of freepbx but my lack of knowledge because freepbx doesn’t have any rule in place to handle cme ext that call outside, I don’t know how to set a DID number or range for numbers coming from CME.

Within freepbx i set a cid number via Applications, Extensions, outbound cid but i don’t understand how i can do it with extensions that are coming from another trunk like in my case CME.

How can i assign an extension calling from CME trunk to Freepbx a CID number within Freepbx system?

Sorry if i am not being very clear and once again any help would be greatly appreciated. Tnx

If I understand your problem, I’d suggest setting the Caller ID on the outbound “city” trunk to use a standard “office” caller ID. That would solve the problem with internal extensions leaking out onto the POTS network.

Now, in the scenario where you have a call “from outside” that gets to a Cisco phone, which is CFW to an external number, it’s incumbent on UCM to pass along the original number. If that’s not happening in UCM, the number will get passes as the extension (which sounds familiar).

In this case, you might need to set up the system so that CFW is handled within Asterisk and don’t have the people using Cisco to use the “in the phone” CFW button.

Hello Dave, Tnx for the suggestion please excuse me from my English if i am not being very clear it’s not my first language, If i set a caller ID via my outband “city” trunk it will be only one outgoing number right? We currently have 300 DID numbers and each Ext has it’s own Number. So in Freepbx everything works great as each EXT has it’s own Outband CID.

Our scenario is the following, We have a trunk between Cisco call manager express and Freepbx so when an internal call is placed from a cisco phone(ext 200) to a freepbx phone (ext100) everything works great, on Freepbx phone i can see ext 200 from CME. The problem happens when i have a call forward on my freepbx phone(ext 100) in that case FreePBX passes the internal Caller ID from CME phone(200) to my outbound “city” trunk.

So my question is because i own the DID numbers can i set a rule in Freepbx
to change the CID from 200 to my external DID number, so i need to change 200 to 25545789 for example. I wanna keep the intra company extensions between trunks as they are and only manipulate the number in Freepbx when Caller ID 200 passes via outbound city route or trunk.

I can probably do it by editing extensions_additional.conf maybe? In my freepbx outgoing city trunk settings i have context=from-trunk. Can i create a rule in extensions_additional.conf to make the dial manipulation there? I was hoping i can make something in Freepbx GUI before going to such drastic measures : )

Any help will be greatly appreciated tnx.

In this one, specific case, I’d just tell people that’s what’s going to happen. I can’t think of a way short of writing some ‘hook’ code that looks at the outbound CID Number and adjust the outbound CID to match the one you want to use.

See the following post for more information:

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