FreePBX 13 BETA is Ready For Testing

we tried to make each functionally compatible.

in amportal you had to add “a” to commands. This is no longer the case.

amportal a ma install foo


fwconsole ma install foo

You can easily run:

install --help


fwconsole --help

Thanks! I’ve made good progress, but…

FreePBX 13 (13.0.1beta3.26.tar.gz) appears to be installing without any warnings or errors, but blows up when going to

Any ideas what might cause this?

Normally you’d report these as bugs to our issue tracker.

Is there any date when the stable version of FreePBX 13 will be ready?
With kind regards,

Dates depend on testers. The more testers we have the faster it all works.

An upgrade utility should be out shortly which will increase the number of testers. when the user level is high enough and the number of new bugs is low enough it will go stable.

Our goal prior to releasing the upgrade utility was to have 13 as stable as possible. As soon as the utility goes out people will blindly update regardless of the Beta tag and we want to make sure they don’t blow up.

We have had a hand full of internal testers as well as several community testers going through things and things are going very well. We hope the next phase moves very quickly but giving dates is like development kryptonite.