Freepbx 13 beta extension options cannot be changed


I am trying out freepbx 13 and came across an issue with the extensions:

1 - When trying to change the extension options in the advanced tap every change I make seems to be undone when I push the submit button. EG: When I set call waiting to disable it always gets enabled again.

2 - In the overview changes don’t show correctly: eg I turn off follow me, but in the overview it is still “checked” as enabled.

I use chrome.
All I changed to the PBX was uninstall CXpannel and arimanager. Because otherwise it wouldn’t reload.

Everything I submit saves. The grid IS incorrect. I turned followme off and it shows off on the tab and on the follow me page but the grid seems to disagree. So that does seem to be a bug, but everything else looks ok.

If you could file a bug report at it can get looked in to.


Thanks for the quick input.
Indeed: follow me and voicemail works correctly… however the advanced options don’t save like: Call Waiting – Enabled. (when I disable it and submit it gets enabled again)



I’m sorry I didn’t put it in the bugtracker. The problem is fixed now.
The reason I didn’t put it there was because I wasn’t sure it was a general bug, or only for me (maybe my permissions where wrong or something)

I’ll post it in the bugtracker sooner next time.

Anyway, I’m loving the new interface! Keep up the great work!!!