FreePBX 13 Backup and Restore dependence on SysAdmin module on arm-platform for Warm Spare config

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I am using 2x boxes running FreePBX 13. They are setup in a Warm Spare config. When the Backup is initiated from the Warm Spare, the backup from remote server (primary) works alright, the tar file is available on the warm spare server as well, CDR db is restored correctly too, and overall reports a successful backup, but the /etc/asterisk files are not getting restored (though they are present in the tar file).

This seems to be stemming from an error reported in the logs, that can be seen in the enclosed image.

Now, please NOTE that this is not on an x86-platform but on an ARM-platform and one key difference is that on this platform, the SysAdmin module is not supported. Hence, I believe the Restore is broken and missing some steps from the Restore sequence.

I am trying to understand,

  1. Why the SysAdmin module is needed for a Backup & Restore cycle for Warm Spare but not needed for local Backup & a local Restore.

  2. A way to avoid those sequence of steps during Restore (in Warm Spare scenario) that have a dependency on the SysAdmin module.

Is that possible? Has anyone tried? My early thoughts are, if the customization isn’t possible, then perhaps using a post-backup hook or a script that can complete the remaining tasks after the Restore steps fail (though it reports success).

Any insight on customizing the Backup and Restore module for the Warm Spare config will be extremely helpful. Thanks.

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Looks to me like a permission issue. You can try using the hooks to fix permissions prior to restore.

(Rohit Gupta) #3

@PitzKey, thanks, running fwconsole chown fixed the SysAdmin related notification. But the /etc/asterisk files still did not copy. However, on closer look, it seems the astDB entries also did not restore, only the CDR db got restored. Manually selectively restoring the /etc/asterisk and astDB restore did the job (but restored the trunk as Enabled, though I need to restore it as Disabled). So, now I need to figure out how to automate the invocation of retore of the astDB, /etc files and disabling the trunk.

Any suggestions please?

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Use the hooks. :slight_smile:

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