FREEPBX 13: After module upgrade I have got permanent error at http://asterisk:9980/admin/config.php

(Mike Halsey) #21

I am also getting this when I go to add a new extension in the Applications/Extensions page

              Whoops \                        Exception \                        ErrorException
  $index or $dest can not be blank

(Mike Halsey) #22

Just upgraded the UCP from Modules Admin and it broke the page. Getting this error:-

              Whoops \                        Exception \                        ErrorException
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

(Mike Halsey) #23

…and I get this if I try to add a Directory…


SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘asterisk.freepbx_users’ doesn’t exist

(zserge) #24

At URL: http://asterisk:9980/admin/config.php?display=userman&action=showuser&user=1
I have got:
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
Whoops\Exception\ErrorException /­var/­www/­html/­admin/­modules/­ucp/­Ucp.class.php:427

	 * in User Manager
	 * @param {array} $user The user array
	function constructModuleConfigPages($mode, $user, $action) {
		$mods = $this->FreePBX->Hooks->processHooks($mode, $user, $action);
		$html = '';
		foreach($mods as $module) {
			foreach($module as $item) {
				if(empty($item)) {

(Andrew Nagy) #25

Did you upgrade all modules. Including usermanager? you might have to reinstall user manager

(Mike Halsey) #26

yep…upgraded all modules.

(Andrew Nagy) #27

You need to uninstall usermanager and reinstall it.

(Mike Halsey) #28

how do i do that from the cli? If I try and do it through the browser I get:-

    $modules = $this->getinfo(false, array(MODULE_STATUS_ENABLED, MODULE_STATUS_NEEDUPGRADE));

    $depends = array();

    foreach (array_keys($modules) as $name) {
        if (isset($modules[$name]['depends'])) {
            foreach ($modules[$name]['depends'] as $type => $requirements) {
                if ($type == 'module') {
                    // if only a single item, make it an array so we can use the same code as for multiple items

(Andrew Nagy) #29

I don’t understand what you provided. You just randomly pasted some code.

(zserge) #30
[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole  ma uninstall userman

  Invalid argument supplied for foreach()  

ma [-f|--force] [-d|--debug] [-j|--json] [-R|--repo="..."] [args1] ... [argsN]

[[email protected] ~]#

(Mike Halsey) #31

Sorry… try this.

              Whoops \                        Exception \                        ErrorException
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()  


(Mike Halsey) #32

I get what zserge got at the CLI

(Andrew Nagy) #33

The errors you are reporting are not helpful. It’s better when you take a screenshot of the error (if in the browser). See the first post in this thread.

(Mike Halsey) #34

(Andrew Nagy) #35

I said “if in the browser”

(Mike Halsey) #36

(Mike Halsey) #37

Sorry…tried uninstalling the Usermanager both ways now…and posted both screenshots for you. :slight_smile:

(Mike Halsey) #38

It’s an awesome system btw. Absolutely loving the power…when I don’t bust it. :slight_smile:

(Andrew Nagy) #39

Thanks. General advisory. You are using Alpha software. We just setup a new error handler. So you will most-likely get this for a couple of weeks. If you want a working system I suggest you use 12.x

(Mike Halsey) #40

I’m happy to keep playing with this one…as long as you’re happy for a noob to be a beta tester.