FreePBX - Cisco 7961

I am in the process of switch to the latest stable release of FreePBX but i can`t get my Cisco 7961 phone to register. The config looks fine to me but the registration is not successful. I changed the extension to CHAN_SIP since this is working for my 7960 phones.

I would also like to now if there is a freeware version of an Endpoint Manager for Cisco 79xx phones because i did not find it yet

The issues:

  • Phone not registering
  • Locales not found during boot on the phone (but this should not cause the issue?)
  • No real way to correctly modify SEPxxxx.xml config files

I have a bunch of Cisco phones with the [OSS Endpoint Manager] (7941 and 7960) ( - it works OK and supports your phone, i had to feel my way around a bit but i can do most things i want with it including set Locales… and other esoteric settings i wanted - it does enable you to have specific files (edited specifically for your phones) in your TFTP server for each phone - though i have not yet managed to get it to reboot the phones.

i did NOT use pjsip for the cisco phones either as i could not get that to work and was not feeling like using the work arounds that i found in this forum and elsewhere, i am no longer able to connect to the phones with SSH as the encryption it uses is diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 which might be why i cannot reboot them any more.

You have to remove the sangoma Endpoint Manager from your PBX and then install the OSS - to be honest, if i had more phones i would be purchasing the Sangoma Endpoint Manager.

I set this all up some time ago and i remember having to use tcpdump to get the registrations working as i wanted - including getting the files in the right place on the TFTP server for locals and various firmwares…

I downloaded the firmware at the Cisco website so it think i have all the firmware files. I`m just missing the locale files. I will try to test some more phones since i only have one 7961 at the moment.

And see if i can install the OSS End Point Manager

SSH did not accept my password, and also denied access to the webinterface

Make sure you edit the port that OSS Endpoint manager uses for sip (they moved it to accommodate pjsip) - i did that by editing the SEP template for my phones.

If you DO work out how to get into the handsets using SSH - by settings in the SEP*.conf file - i would be happy to know.