[FreePBX 13.0.159] Invalid Language


In the Administration Console of FreePBX I get this error message :

Invalid Language
The default language of ‘en_US’ or ‘en_US.utf8’ was not found on this system. Please resolve this in advanced settings by changing the system language or installing the default locales [Nonexistent in Locale, Missing en_US]

FYI, I use a Raspberry Pi distribution, with language setting on French, and I think the problem is linked with latest upgrade which focused on Increasing swap size to 200MB and installing en_US locale as seen on :


Could you tell me how I can fix this ?

Best regards

check from /etc/default/locale and set it to en_US.

I have exactly the same issue on the Raspberry Pi, (Raspbx) after performing the latest “fwconsole ma upgradeall”. In fact I have two identical Raspbx systems in different locations and they show exactly the same error.

I have checked the file above and found it was set to en_GB.utf8. I have changed this to en_US as suggested and performed an fwconsole reload, but the error is still showing on the Dashboard.

Under Advanced Settings the language is showing as correctly set to en_US.

Any further suggestions would be gratefully received.

In the FreePBX Web GUI, go to “Settings:Advanced Settings” and under “System Setup:Default Language” set the value to “en_GB”. Then hit on “Submit”, and click on “Apply Config”.

No need to mess up with the contents of the /etc/default/locale file. Raspbian Jessie comes by default with the English locale settings for Great Britain.