FreePBX 12 System Overview Ajax Derped Error

After updating my distro vm to 12, updating all modules, now on the status page, the system overview shows:
“Ajax derped. I’m sorry, I don’t have any further information. All I know is that I asked for Overview and it errored. Check the error logs for more information.”

What error logs should I look for the cause of this? Not very helpful here.

Update dashboard and see if it’s any more helpful.

Rolled dashboard back to 12.0.14 and every version up to 12.0.20, no change.

That’s suprising. In 12.0.20 I removed the “derped” line completely so I don’t know how you are seeing that

Is there a better way to insure I’m using correct version module? I rolled back, apply, then installed each version going up to 20, applying each time. Any CLI commands that would remove / reinstall that might work better? Or do I need to reboot in between maybe?

amportal a ma list

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Try running: amportal a r

Then refresh the page. This is after you’ve installed 0.20