FreePBX 12 New Look : Update notifications differences / state inconsistencies


I have FreePBX 12.0.4, last updated this morning (GMT). I have email update notifications configured and working. (my system is installed from the distro two months or so ago, then updated to v12 at the time of -rc25 or so; at the time of previous stable I also kept it always up to date.)

However it looks by the behavior of it, like the code checking for updates and sending me emails, and the code checking for updates and showing it in System Status, and the code checking for updates in Module Admin, on button-press request, are sometimes getting out of sync, getting different results depending on where or when they are called…

Here is what I see happening:

This morning, I performed an update due to being advised by email of previous day / weekend.

System Status pointed to update framework, broadcast, and restapps, these were present in Module Admin as well (I have all but Unsupported update channels selected); in case of the broadcast, I actually uninstalled it and removed from disk, then hit ‘reload config’. All seemed to be well, and only restapps remained a warning (OT, see below *).

Then a good hour after that (so it could NOT have been just an email that got delayed) I got an email from my pbx, alerting me of available updates.

So I went to check on System Status, that got a yellow warning on, showing me 3 modules have versions available for update. The very 3 modules I have just (an hour ago) ‘updated’ already.

But when I went into Module admin, and I pressed ‘check online’, this only yielded one (restapps (OT see below *) ).

Then I went back into System Status which now showed me just one warning (about restapps (OT see below *)).

But this behavior dates to the time I jumped from previous stable on to -rc (I think it was -rc25 back then). OK I thought, it was beta then, I know it’s a lot of churn, I’ll give it some slack etc.

There were other ‘interesting’ combinations of the above behavior by the time of beta, but the above is what I just experienced.

Hope this helps.

( * restapps is installed (and inactive) but apparently I cannot update nor remove it - because it requires endpoint, which is not present on my system; at the time of some-beta rc, i tried to install endpoint only to uninstall restapps then uninstall entpoint, but somehow that did not work out, and I was left without endpoint but /with/ restapps still installed… I’d have to repeat this to report exactly but this is total OT for this report - will follow on with this some time when I attempt to do that again)

Sounds normal to me in the fact that when you check online it queues up the email. Depending on network traffic and your email server it could very well take an hour for you to get the email.

Can you check the mail headers to see sent date?

Hi Andrew,

Does it mean, it queues to send an email when I press the ‘check online’ button in Module Admin?
Why does the System Status (after a while) go back to showing warning on same 3 modules that WERE updated AND it did not show them right after update ? (and when I click ‘check online’ this time, I do not get an alert over email…)

I will take care to note the workflow and timestamps next time…

(my header of this morning says:
Received: by my-pbx-server-address (Postfix, from userid ***)
id ***************; Mon, 3 Nov 2014 09:56:02 +0000 (GMT)
then headers of my MX provider follow above with all similar timestamp
and it appears in my MUA / Thunderbird within seconds of that one too)

Thanks & Regards

The “warnings” are not cleared automatically.

So if you have warnings, then clear them, then check online (warnings are re-added at this point). Then install module updates. The warnings will still be there until you remove it yourself.

Note that if you “-” them it is not the same as “x” them (in system status)

Hmm that’s not what I was seeing, actually : )
Upon hitting ‘Reload config’ after the update is processed, I return to System Status and see only the one warning that I know should be there… and I press the ‘refresh’ arrows on the ‘System Overview’ widget a few times… anyway, I will take more care and take notes next time I encounter updates.

That I figured out, thanks.


Sit rep, today all went different than I described :
I had email waiting from @18:56 prev. day, I processed it between 08:48 / check online and 08:48:21 = pressed ‘process’.
After update was processed @08:51 I pressed Apply Config, then 5 min later an email was sent (source timestamp @08:56 = apply+5min) this time telling me about the-one-module-that-I-know-remains-on-list (restapps) and same was the display on System Status.

So it now /was/ OK, I will keep an eye on it next time.

So today the timeline was like : (all timings in GMT)

  • an email sent @19:56 previous day was about 2 modules to update (framework and restapps);
    - @09:15:15 System Overview was showing the 2 modules with same timestamp / the ‘ago’ timings as the email
  • i pressed the refresh arrows on System Overview a few times to ensure no other be appearing there - no other appeared
  • @09:17:00 i pressed ‘check online’ in Module Admin
    - @09:17:33 it yielded 4 modules to update: ‘core’ ‘restapps’ ‘framework’ ‘voicemail’
    (this time it let me choose ‘remove’ on the restapps, which I did, and selected ‘upgrade all’ otherwise) (then I took some time to read the changelogs etc.)
  • @09:19:40 : pressed ‘process’ on upgrading 3 and removing 1 module
  • @09:21 processing of the above finished
  • @09:21:35 : pressed ‘check online’ in Module Admin again - that yielded nothing so
  • @09:22:05 : pressed the red Apply Config button
  • @09:22:50 : pressed ‘check online’ in Module Admin again- that yielded nothing so
  • @09:23:30 : returned to System Status which has shown NO warnings
  • no email alert was returned at any point with any of above timestamps

So if anything is the matter, it’s the 2 highlighted lines in the above process.
(thanks for fixing the possibility to ‘remove’ restapps, to whoever did that)


Sorry maybe I’m missing something but I’m failing to see the problem here.

I think it boils down to :

The automatic Update Checker actually does the check once per day (hence the emails with @19:56 timestamp)
The System Overview shows only the result of that (i.e. does not conduct more complex online checks for updates), while ‘check online’ in Module Admin does the ‘thorough’ one.
Could the S/O checker maybe detect that the arrows were clicked and launch the ‘more complex’ check from that?