FreePBX 1.8 and AA trunk issue

  Hi all,

  I am a newbie in asterisk and this is my first post/problem. I have a lot of experience with linux, but asterisk cli is new to me, so I am using the web api for the moment and debugging from cli.
  I managed to setup my trunk to my UK provider Both incoming and outgoing calls are fine for the number configured in the trunk:

secret=somesecret here

I have a range of numbers with the SIP provider 111111131-111111180. I need them to be assigned on every extension for example if my local is 31 I need it to dial out as 111111131 and be dialed from outside as 111111131. Sofar I tried setting “Outbound CID” to 111111131 and in the debug I see CALLERID(all)=111111131. This seems fine to me, but the SIP provider said I should modify it to send CALLERID(num)=111111131.

Can you please, tell me which file in /etc/asterisk to modify to achieve this. I tried a couple of things but my knowledge is not sufficient.

The provider was not allowing multiple CALLERID-s over single trunk. They changed this and now everything is working as expected.

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