Freepabx integration with other applications

We are starting to look to integrate asterisk into our data routing product and are considering freepabx as the defacto UI for all non routine changes and setup issues. We will be writing our own scripts/UI to do routine changes to extensions names etc through an extension to our current UI.

I read that Freepabx runs its own Database and will not look at or read any changes made to the .conf files from other sources, which I guess includes the command line changes a user may make to the .conf files.

If this is the case, are their any access to the freepabx database and what form it takes. Is it possible to read/write to this database in order to make some changes through scritping/other means.



Look at the third party bulk extensions add on for what to do.

But you are correct FreePBX stores everything in MySQL table and attempting to talk to them directly is frowned on. You are better using the API interface and making calls to that as things change in the background but the API stays the same. That’s what the bulk extensions does. If you are also looking to start playing with routing and other things it might get very ugly quickly.

There are many rules to the dial plans and what files are changed and who owns what. see to get a handle on it as a starting place.