Freely available dial patterns to import into FreePBX available? - NANP

Asking because I see one can import a list. The FreePBX dial patterns wizard is only for allowed routes. This could be quite cumbersome to enter all the areas codes you want to allow, but want to prohibit scam areas such as the Caribbean,


The two letter ‘locations’ are US, the Canadian and Caribbean ones are all long form

The Dial Patterns Wizard can generate any pattern you like - but if you give them a Dead-End destination, it becomes a DROP route. Works like a champ for those Caribbean Cel Phone exchanges. Make sure it’s first.

Thanks for that link. I will give it a try.

Yes, I realized that. I saw someone post some suggestions for area codes, with CSV text of those area codes, but for some reason, the import function on the outbound route module does not like what is presented to it,

Well, here is my .csv for the blocked area codes - remove the .tgz - it’s just a .csv.Drop_routing_dial_patterns.csv.tgz (895 Bytes)

It imports perfectly.

Thanks a bunch for that!

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