FreeBX & OBi110-UK to deal with nuisance calls


I have never setup Asteriks before, but we are getting alot of nusiace calls recently sometimes from with-held numbers.

I started to look to see what can be done about this and found a article where Asteriks was setup with a OBi110-UK (

My understanding is I can connect by Sky telephone line into the OBi110-UK
device and then my standard non IP phone. The OBi110-UK will then be able to talk to a FreePX instance (I’m looking at using a Digital Ocean VPS for now).

Once thats setup I should then able to make unknown calls enter a number before they proceed to my phone and allow the phone ring. I also hope there is some sort of database of known margeting numbers that I can use to drop certain calls.

Is Asteriks able to do see hidden caller IDs? I didnt think it would be able to do but I thought I read somewhere it can.

Has anyone had experience of doing this and does it seem logical, or have I missed something?


It would be easier to determine if the OBi110 and Asterisk would do what you wanted if we could read the article you found.

You can find the artible by Gooling “blocking-silent-and-nuisance-calls-with-an-obi110” - it is the first result. I cant post the link due to being a new member.

I wanted clarifcation on this would work as I expalined, for example I dont need outbound calls going via the PBX and what is a trunk?

If you are trying to block these calls, maybe they are Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls and you need to block them in the Asterisk SIP Settings “Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls” = NO, or “SIP Guests”, which I also always set to NO. I have also had SIP phones as remote users that were directly connected to the Internet and they had some strange IP to IP calls coming in. I had to block them in the SIP phone’s settings. On my Yealink 46G it is “Allow IP Call”.