Freebpx V17 at Debian 12: lets encrypt generation failure

Hi there,

we have installed today a fresh freepbx 17 at Debian 12. Now we would like to generate Lets Encrypt certificate but get always an timeoiut error.

what we get is:
Processing: <>, Local IP:, Public IP: dns error

So i dont know where to set the Public IP adress? In system admin → network settings we have our public ip adress correctly set in. Also we have change the port of webinterface from 80 to 8080
and set lets encrypt port to 80

We setup the debian 12 as VM in a datacenter. So we have only one public ip at eth0

what i am doing wrong?


Did you setup your DNS records with your domain registrar/DNS host to point to this external IP address?


yes the domain is correctly resolved. We also set the reverse lookup correctly.
Our FreePBX is in a subdomain that is correctly resolved

I see another post here: [bug]: Firewall needs to be turned off manually to generate LetsEncrypt certificate. · Issue #77 · FreePBX/issue-tracker · GitHub

Ahh, ok. Looks like maybe a bug in the v17 beta.

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That ticket and @nobe 's issue are completely different.

What is the hostname?

the hostname is “bitpbx” that is set in freepbx. We can also resolve correctly the dns name and in network settings we have correctly set the ip adress at eth0.

So you know where i have to set the Public IP in FreePBX?

Wait, now I am not sure how you have anything setup.

Is the FreePBX connected directly to an internet connection with an external IP assigned to one of it’s interfaces or is it sitting behind a firewall that’s doing NAT? If it’s behind a NAT did you port forward the relevant ports?

Are you able to pull up a webpage if you try to access it from the outside of the network at the external IP of the device?

we are having the same issue.
we set the Admin to 8080 and LetsEncrypt to port 80, ran the New Let’s Encrypt Certificate and get the error Unable to update challenge :: authorization must be pending

  • lechecker: Pest_Curl_Exec - Operation timed out after 30001 milliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received
    Local IP:, Public IP: dns error

I am using a nat and haven’t had any issues other than getting the letsencrypt to work.