FreeBPX 16 - Audiocode MP-118 FXS loses registration after trunk brought online

I have two FXS extensions on my MP-118 which register correctly with Asterisk and stay registered forever. I have an outgoing trunk to one of the FXO ports which works perfectly. However, once the trunk is enabled the two FXS ports lose their registration after about 20 minutes and will never register again until the trunk is disabled. Used PJSIP throughout. I’m not going to post a load of config files because I really don’t know where to start. Does anyone have any ideas?

This is the disconnect.
2022-03-24 06:50:25] VERBOSE[23415] res_pjsip_registrar.c: Removed contact ‘sip:[email protected]:5060’ from AOR ‘1000’ due to expiration

Thank you.

This is not necessarily an error. You need to provide a SIP trace.

This is what happens: At 09:49:24 extension 1000 is reachable
At 09:49:25 pjsip_registrar decides it has expired and is removed.
In between is some conversation about the trunk ( Audiocodes-FreePBX ) which is not the same as the normal conversation listed in the second log snippet.
I’ve had to post the logs as images since apparently “Sorry, new users can’t put links in posts.”

Snippet 2

It looks as if you have a valid contact again at 08:51:54. I don’t see any problem.

You can check the registration with pjsip show registrations and the contacts with pjsip show contacts. As far as SIP is concerned pjsip set logger on is your friend.

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