Freebox and Polycom phones

Hi, I just installed my first freepbx system. I have 6 Polycom IP 501 phones. I want to update to latest bootrom and application files. After visiting Polycom support site download for IP 501, I am bit confused and I was hoping someone can help me understand better.

I downloaded the latest Bootrom
and placed it in tftp directory on the server. I also downloaded, the 3.1.7 legacy files both combined and split. After making changes to my default mac template, 00000000000.cfg

I noticed in version 3.1.7 combined, I do have sip_317.ld file which is about 9.7meg. However, i couldn’t find the “SIP.LD” file in version 3.1.7, 3.1.6, 3.1.4 files.

I was able to find it in version 3.1.2 combined file which is about 39 meg file.

So my question is if I use the application files for version 3.1.2 and make changes to my default conf file, 0000000000.cfg, to use that instead, then where can I find the actual file from version 3.1.7? Do I use the sip_317.ld file instead? If so, why is it much smaller than 3.1.2?

I also noticed the SIP.LD file in version 3.1.3 rev B/C, are about 68meg files.

If someone can shed some light on this, I’d really appreciated.


Find the Polycom software matrix at:

Also note that the bootrom and firmware are separate downloads. I have a fairly decent config file generator for those older phones. If you email me at cosmicwombat at gmail dot com, I’ll forward you a copy,