Free storage space is getting low -Free Pbx Alert

I keep getting these emails on storage, but I can not find the fix

Free storage space is getting low on the following drive(s) of your system:
/dev/mapper/SangomaVG-root is 82% full

However, I do not store any voicemails, and I have never had an issue before. Now I am getting these every hour. I have a 80 gig partition and 62G is for Sangoma-root and 12 g is available.

I am a ovice so I need help how to clean this up and clear it. I tried changig and deleting backups, but that doesn’t seem to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You’ll need to connect to the console through an SSH session or if it’s a physical server connect a keyboard and mouse to it.

Install ncdu by running yum install ncdu -y

Once ncdu is installed run ncdu / from the command line. That should enumerate all the folders on your system and sort them by the biggest first. You should be able to drill down and see what’s using up the space.

This is ncdu if you are curious to learn before you install it: NCurses Disk Usage

Ok thanks I did that and the 47.5 gig is in /var, under that folder 37.4 Gig is in a folder /crash

Thanks for the help so far. Never have seen things like this before.



fail2ban log for example

folder php session

Here is the fail2ban log. Something appears to be happening every 3 seconds. Not sure would appreciate some assistance.

Delete all but the oldest and newest in /var/crash and see

When I attempted to remove the files, I was told I can’t remove because these are directories. i went to one of the directories and inside there were two files vmcore vmcore-dmesg.txt

So not sure why the system is creating these strange directories in /var/crash

We don’t know why your system was repeatedly crashing, but looking at vmcore-dmesg.txt may tell you enough, if it’s a hardware problem, corrupted file, etc.

You can remove a directory (and the two files in it) with rm -r