Free PBX should send the public IP on the Contact info

Hi Community, I am trying to set up a Free PBX local, and I am actually facing a problem with my router (mikrotik, if anyone could help too hehe) but the main reason is:

When an outgoing call to a remote extension is made the contact info on the SIP header sends the private IP (instead of the public IP). I am doing a port mirror with Wireshark.

How can I get the FreePBX to send the public IP?

Thanks in advance

Did you properly configure your Asterisk SIP Settings as well as your PJSIP settings? Assuming you use PJSIP…

Also, FYI, you don’t need to do any port mirroring, you can see the actual SIP conversation within Asterisk itself by enabling debugging in the console, or you can use sngrep

HI PitzKey, Thanks for the response.

I did configure under Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings

But just to be sure, Yes I am using PJSIP how do I get to the PJSIP config?

Oh great, I see the console now. the results are the same but is better this way I am not so expert on FreePBX but I do have knowledge about SIP protocols

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