Free PBX questions

I have been playing around with the free trial SIP trunks and before I make a decision on my next steps. I find myself in need of asking many questions.

  1. I currently have OOMA for my analog lines -which also includes my FAX. - I am adding a 4FXO card to my server, How do set up this to work with FreePBX?
  2. I also have a Ubiquiti VoIP/Video phone and will be setting that up as well, I know I need a SIP trunk for that. Can I use a single SIP trunk for all my services, FAX, all my analog lines and the VoIP/Video phone?
  3. Is it possible to have local VM set up?

Right now OOMA handles it all, and I have all my phones lines come down into a single Leviton Phone block.
The FAX picks up on 3rd ring, and I have my headset off the FAX. All phones ring on incoming call.

The reason for all of this is because I work from home a lot and it gets frustrating with the Latency issues I experience.

thanks for any insight/suggestions. It is very much appreciated.


If I’m reading this right, you are using as Asterisk derived SIP service provider for analog lines. Not sure I understand how that works.

Regardless, if you have up to four incoming analog phone lines, a 4xFXO card will work find. Be sure to install the DAHDI interface drivers (which FreePBX will install for you). If you select a supported card, there are even DAHDI control pages within FreePBX to make your management activities easier. As a personal rule, I don’t use the FreePBX pages (since I don’t use Digium cards) so I set the DAHDI interface up once and tell FreePBX to not manage it.

“Opinion asserted as fact”. This is not necessarily true. You can set the phone up as an extension off a FreePBX server without establishing a special trunk for it.

“Confusing question.”

  • You can use a SIP trunk for FAX (enabling T.38 and using a provider that does FAX).
  • You can get a SIP device that can break out analog lines from a SIP trunk, but these will be as an FXS interface. If you are connecting them as FXO interfaces, then you are using analog lines, not a SIP trunk.
  • Your VOIP phone will be an extension off the FreePBX server.

Leviton makes a lot of different kinds of phone and electronics equipment. I’m not sure which block you are talking about. If you are talking about a punch-down block, there are at least 10 different versions of those out there.

If you FreePBX server is local, your Voice Mail till be local. If you mean Virtual Machine, then the answer is still yes, and you can have Voice Mail on that, so yes twice.

Thank you…

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