Free pbx admin password HELP!

I noticed that the admin pages were using the default password/username admin admin. I went into the gui and reset the password but now cannot get into the admin pages at all.

i read the freepbx pages and modified the

i also tried a full reboot etc

as on the freepbx how to and no joy so i also tried firing off the
htpasswd -c -b /usr/local/wwwpasswd admin admin

command and still no joy.

seeing as i have root access to this box there must be a way, anyone any ideas?

Cheers Dean.

Or is this a hand built?

Did you try to change the authtype to database instead of none? If so simply change it back to none and you can get in.
Freepbx is very sensitive to the database type. I have manage to get it to work about 3 times out of ten. usually just don’t bother with the database authentication.
I suspect you have a trixbox. so make sure you have modified the /var/lib/trixbox/httpdconf/trixbox.conf file as well!

Good luck, Paris

OH, also use your phpmyadmin to look at the user table in asterisk. You can reset password there as well!