Free Fax PDF Email Issues

Hey all, sorry you might have covered this numerous times but I’ve not found a fix in my searches.

Basically free fax is generating the PDF fine (was able to cut across to the spool via samba and loaded the PDFs perfectly. However the edition received via email is corrupt EVERY time for some reason. I’ve seen a few bug entries for this but no how to fix.

My email service is Windows Live Domains and I’ve had no issues receiving PDFs from other senders including other fax-email bridge providers so it’s not the email provider diddling the files.

Help please.

I ran into a similar issue. We are running a private email server (hMailServer IMAP/SMTP) just to handle the PDFs emailed out by the phone system fax. Outlook 2013 is the email client. I have tried sending a few faxes through, and only some of the faxes make it through uncorrupted. I used WinSCP to copy the .pdf file from /var/spool/asterisk/fax to my PC, and it seems to open just fine with Acrobat Reader. Therefore, there was a problem somewhere in the emailing process.

I downloaded Thunderbird and checked the email account. Using Thunderbird, the PDF attachments downloaded perfectly. For me, the problem is Outlook 2013… perhaps some MIME attachment issue?

Anyone have similar experiences? I’ve seen a few topics opened, but no solutions. This version uses fax2mail.php to send the attachment. The code looks like this:

//build email
$email = new CI_Email();


Maybe there are some attributes that need to be set in order for Outlook to decode the attachment properly?