Free - 24-port POE power injector


No takers for this on ebay, so I’m giving it away to the first person willing to send a prepaid mailing label.

This is an ITT Industries model 19700-0001, 19-inch (1U) rack mount device. 24 pairs of RJ45 jacks on the front (in and out for each circuit), plus a maintenance port. A CD is included that contains documentation + MIB files and what appears to be a Java SNMP client.

Here’s how this will work: I’ll confirm the first message I receive asking for the device. The interested party will email me a shipping label (UPS or USPS) suitable for a 10-pound package 22"x18"x8", from zip 02635 to wherever you live. And off it goes!

Photo here:

Let me know if you want it. First come, first (and only) served.


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